The solar LED lamp will become the future trend of the lighting industry

Oct 31, 2014-China-With the increasingly poor of the earth resources and energy, the investment cost for the foundation energy become higher and higher. On the other hand, all kinds of safety and pollution hidden danger have already spread to everywhere around the world. In that case, the solar energy as one kind of inexhaustible, safety and environmental protection new energy become more and more attentively. At the same time, with the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology and the newly LED lighting technology, the solar powered led lamp products become new lighting trend as its double advantages which are environmental protection and energy saving. The industry for LED light bulb such as solar street lamp, T10 LED Tube Lights, LED lawn lamp and others has gradually formed the scale.

The famous solar powered led lamp supplier has introduced that the solar LED lamp could be mainly composed of the solar cell component parts that including stent, LED lamp holder, the control box which includes the controller and battery and lighting pole. The lighting efficiency of the solar panels for this lamp could reach to 127 WP/m2. The solar LED lamp applies the light source single high power LED bulb which is 30w to 100 w. High quality brightness chips have also adopted into this product.

For the control box of the LED Tunnel Lighting, it adopts the body with stainless steel as the material which is attractive and durable. Furthermore, the inner space of control box has been placed maintenance-free and lead-acid battery and charging and discharging controller. The system selects the valve-control lead-acid battery. Due to its low maintenance rate, it could also be called the free maintenance batteries, which is advantageous to reduce the cost for the wholly system maintenance. The charging and discharge controller integrate full sets of necessary functions based on the designation that could help to better control the cost and achieve the high cost performance.

However, the solar powered led lamp could be regarded as the outcome of today?¡¥s energy saving and environment protection concept and trend. If people want to get more information about this product, please do not hesitate to visit website

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The solar LED lamp will become the future trend of the lighting industry

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