Jordan Shoes have been canceled Jordan children name trademark

Oct 27, 2014-China-Chinese apparel and cheap sneakers manufacturer issued a statement that has been written off the names of the children of the U.S. basketball superstar air Jordan and other trademarks that may be misunderstood. In this regard, Michael Jordan welcomed.

The end of February this year, Michael Jordan’s external unauthorized use of its Chinese name, or even attempt to engage in business activities with their child’s name to the Chinese court proceedings, and claims the spirit of a loss of 50 million. March 6, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court has formally accepted the case.

Yesterday, Jordan Sports said in a statement, fact, in February of this year, before the court formally accepted the case, the company has application to the State Trademark Office for cancellation, ¡°Jeffrey Jordan¡±, ¡°Marcus Jordan¡± part may been misunderstood defensive trademark. Currently, these trademarks have been approved by the State Trademark Bureau cancellation.

sneaker whole online seller said that since the Chinese “Jordan Shoes” registered trademark, and found a large number of trademark applications of the word “Jordan”, Jordan sports has applied for registration of 129 “defensive trademark for brand protection purposes. However, these defensive trademarks have never been used, and future use plans.

Although Jeffrey Jordan, Marcus Jordan trademark and the Chinese translation of the name of Michael Jordan two children, but only if the trademark registration for the purpose of the use of the trademark Jordan brand protection, never use However, do not belong to the squatting trademark infringement. “Jordan sports lawyer said.


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Jordan Shoes have been canceled Jordan children name trademark

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